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How To Purchase Sand Online

        Tamilnadu Government has decided to launch a new website for online purchase of sand. Tamilnadu Government Chief Minister Mr.Edappadi k. Palaniswami launched a website portal for booking sand online. Also mobile app is  introduced in order to make the booking process easily through mobile phones.          From july 1 onwards, purchasing of sand should be done only through online and it is made compulsory by the Tamilnadu Government. The lorry owners/public have to register their details in the official website and then they can apply online for the sand purchase. Features of  the online sand purchasing app: It is an entry page of this application, which displays the registered lorry details,waitng list number,  and their date and time for loading the sand. This also displays the unregistered lorry in the same page. ΓΌ  Public Entry: This feature is available for the Tamilnadu public. It paves an easy way for them to book sand online  at their required quarries

How To Link Pan & Aadhar Card in Mobile

The Aadhar card is a unique identification card which is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI). This is assigned to every Indian citizen.The card has 12 digit number that serves as a proof of identity as well as proof of address. Moreover, it contains individual’s  biometric and demographic information.  Nowadays, Aadhar card number is the most important document and is used in registration and verification purposes.                 The PAN(Permanent Account Number) card is issued by Income Tax Department, assigned to all taxpaying entities in India. PAN is a unique 10 character code which is necessary for filing Income Tax returns in the country. How To LINK Aadhar with PAN Card : This linking process can be done in 2 ways: 1.         Link  Aadhar with PAN by using a SMS  based process.   SMS Format:        UIDPAN<12  digit Aadhar><10 digit PAN> Example: UIDPAN 3421342112341234AAAAAE12EE                                  S

Google's Youtube Intro Maker Android application

The most important YouTube intro maker that is used by anyone is Adobe Spark Video. The design process can be fully controlled to create a unique, engaging and descriptive intro. This will persuade the viewers to engage in watching the intro. Everyone would like to become an amateur movie maker because of the popularity of YouTube had been increased gradually. Whether you are tagging or posting your own Hollywood blockbuster or your vacation videos then you can use the Adobe Spark to make professional YouTube intros. There is no special requirement like designing or programming skills, just you need your imagination, a computer and a mouse. Intro Maker for YouTube (Music intro video Editor) is a Video Editor and Player specially designed for Intro making. Using the direct download link, you can install or download the Intro Maker for YouTube (Music intro video editor) latest APK version. Under the App Store, this application was listed under the Video Editors &am

Xbox Application & Its Features - Microsoft App

The Xbox app accomplishments access Windows 10 devices and Xbox One games console, also brings together our games and friends.  Most of them are get connected with the Xbox Live community to view the achievements which have happened across the devices, share their screenshots and game clips, and watch the games that your friends are playing. You can start the best party chats, even launch games with cross-device multiplayer plays like Killer Instinct, and Forza Motorsport 6. You can make use of the Xbox One Controller to stream all of your favorite games on your computer or laptop from the Xbox One. All the newly released or launched games can be purchased from the store, the application allows controlling your Xbox One and gets connected to the community to share your ideas or get assistance from the experts. The Xbox application gets you connected to the entire gaming life in one place and make the gamer to enjoy a lot. Please find below the list of features provi

Xbox Game Pass Application - Microsoft app

The subscription service which was created by Microsoft to work with the Xbox One games console is known as Xbox Game Pass. It is also similar to Netflix which is specially used for Video games.  You can make use of the monthly subscription for a single price for which Xbox Game pass allows the user to access the varieties of games from the multiple ranges of publishers. The service was earlier launched while the subscribers for Xbox Live Gold had received the importance of access a few years ago. You can enjoy numerous Xbox 360 titles and Xbox One with unlimited access by subscribing for a low monthly subscription. There are so many games to download and discover and your Xbox experience will not change over. For a low monthly subscription, you will get Xbox exclusives that are highly-anticipated and unlimited access to more than 100 games to play. It contains multiple varieties of great games from Indie titles of critically acclaimed to blockbusters and every genre. 

Split Your Mobile Camera To Act Dual

Please be informed that the Split Camera application is the most interesting camera app. Using this application, you can target a person and split him or her into different avatars mostly with variant posture within a single image. For creating a decomposition of continuous action, you can make either 2 or 4 split images.  The application operation is very simple and eases to understand. Taking a picture is very easy with the assistance of fine tune function with position or brightness and also the compare adjustment of the transparent background. The Split Camera application will help you to share and view the pictures which you had shot on spot. This application contains Camera filter effects and self-timer effects (which can be set to 10 or 5 or 2 seconds). The Camera filter effects have multiple advantages like a whiteboard, Solaris, sepia, posture, negative, mono, blackboard, and aqua. But please note that some of the mobile phones do not support all of the camera

Splash Color On Your Photos

Click here to Earn Money Online Everyone content rating is the Color Splash Photo effect application. In App store, this application is listed under the Photography category. To know more information about the application, you can access the website of Photo Video Zone. This application can be downloaded or installed on Android devices which are supporting 16 api and more above it.  You can use the browser or Google Play store to install this application.  Application Description. You can expose yourself as a great photo magician by utilizing the opportunity by using the Color Splash Effect application. This app can be used as Photo Editor and create an extraordinary color splash effect with the help of photo effects. This application selectively chooses the color of your photos to make them as Sepia photos, Old photos (negative), and Black & White photos by a single touch. Color Splash Effect is a powerful and fun photo editor, will help to gain experience a