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Split Your Mobile Camera To Act Dual

Please be informed that the Split Camera application is the most interesting camera app. Using this application, you can target a person and split him or her into different avatars mostly with variant posture within a single image. For creating a decomposition of continuous action, you can make either 2 or 4 split images. 

The application operation is very simple and eases to understand.

Taking a picture is very easy with the assistance of fine tune function with position or brightness and also the compare adjustment of the transparent background. The Split Camera application will help you to share and view the pictures which you had shot on spot. This application contains Camera filter effects and self-timer effects (which can be set to 10 or 5 or 2 seconds).

The Camera filter effects have multiple advantages like a whiteboard, Solaris, sepia, posture, negative, mono, blackboard, and aqua. But please note that some of the mobile phones do not support all of the camera filter effects. Another advantage of this application is that you can easily redo your previous shots. During the shoot, you can turn off or on the flash mode.

 You can take wacky and fun photos using this Split Camera application. You can also make use of memory cards to save your memorable pictures and travel with you. If you would like to view all the pictures then you can connect your memory card to a desktop or laptop and access the File Explorer or open file icon on the Split Camera app to display all of your images.

Features of Split Camera Android app:

We all know that it is not that much easier for everyone to clone your friend or yourself.
Please take two images of yourself and your friend. Then the split should be adjusted and both images are blended. 
Once, it is finished you can share the images wherever you want.

The most important feature is the Self-timer. The blender will help the image to align perfectly and the self-timer makes the cloning process very easy. Especially for online sharing, the square picture is the perfect format.

While you access the application after installation, you will receive an annoying advertisement only for the first time. This won’t appear for the next time that too while shooting selfie photos. By default, this application will split your screen by two halves and provides an option to drag it around. Depending on your selfie or normal shoot, you can change the screen to horizontal or vertical. This should be very helpful, while your subject looks smaller from one angle and larger from another one.

On the first half screen, take a picture of your subject and the angles can be adjusted to preferred one and take another subject on the other half screen. You can create the splitting image by automatically merge to get the final results. Then the two images can be blended to make it as one. 
Your hands should be steady while taking pictures. To get the real picture, both images background need to be blended seamlessly. Split Camera offers various features and options. More interesting effects can be used by dividing the frame by four or three parts. 

Before you take the picture, we need at least a few moments to adjust our glass, hair, and other things. All this can be done by using the Timer option. Filters option is available on the application; however, it cannot be used while scrolling the picture. To view the action effects of filters, you have to rotate the screen. Even the user interface is not that much user-friendly, but still, the application works well for the users.
The most important feature of the Split Camera application is Transparent feature. The Translucent effect can be created by superimposing one object or image over the other image. The Split Camera app does not have in-app purchases and contains ad-supported, which is also free to download.

We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about the Split Camera application and its importance. The Split Camera app is free to download and used to create fun pictures.


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